What would Brexit mean to the 10,500 property owners in Walton on Thames & Hersham?

At the time of writing, a £10 bet on the good people of the UK voting to leave the EU would yield a profit of £22.50, whereas the same bet on staying-in would return just £3.30. For those of you who don’t regularly have a flutter, that means  likelihood of Brexit is very slim. But then again that’s what the pollsters and bookies said about a Tory majority at the last election.
So if we believe the bookies, it seems the most likely impact of this referendum on the Walton on Thames & Hersham property market will be fairly negligible. There could be some mild economic uncertainty followed by a return to business as usual following a vote to stay in. In fact, even this mild uncertainty will come to be seen as nothing compared with the rush to snap up buy-to-let properties before the April 2016 stamp duty hike and subsequent flood of properties onto the rental market.   But what would an ‘out’ vote mean?

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